TOTPRadius Virtual Appliance - Download

Download & install 

TOTPRadius is deployed as a software-based virtual appliance that runs on two hypervisors: VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V.  The version for VMware will run under XCP-NG without modifications as well. Upon request, virtual appliances for other hypervisors can be provided. It is free to use with up to 5 users. You need to obtain a license to increase the number of allowed users. You can download the appliance using one of the links below:

VMware or XCP-NG
version: 0.3
format: OVA file (zip archive)
file size: 1.9 GB
md5sum: 5d06fe7ba76e06a6600fe91912d98726
download VMware image
version: 0.3
format: Exported VM (zip archive)
file size: 1.9 GB
md5sum: 1eab8225dab05cd44ad2f1febeed5a08
download HyperV image

Upgrade from previous versions

If you already have TOTPRadius 0.2.7, 0.2.8 or 0.2.9  deployed and configured, you can also upgrade using the upgrade package.

format: zip archive
file size: 2 mb
md5sum: b4862903d4c17d2a179477cea67e8977
download upgrade package