Tools for FIDO security keys

FIDO2 Keys can be managed and configured using standard operating systems tools. In addition, we have our own tools to manage the FIDO settings and some additional features

Managing FIDO2 Keys using Windows Control Panel

You can use the standard Windows control panel tool to manage your key, as long as you run Windows 10 build 1903 or later. Please note that the standard control panel applet has some limitations: i.e. it cannot remove individual fingerprints in the Bio FIDO2 Keys and cannot manage TOTP profiles.

FIDO2 Key management using Chromium based web browsers

If you are using macOS or Linux, you can manage your FIDO2 keys using the tool integrated into the latest Chromium based browsers, such as Google Chrome (starting from v80).

TOKEN2 FIDO2 Companion apps (Windows, iPhone and Android)

The FIDO2 USB Security keys are not standalone TOTP tokens:  TOTP functionality of our FIDO2 keys is limited and requires an additional device (i.e. a PC, Android phone or iPhone)  to run the companion app. The key in this case is only used as secure storage for the TOTP seeds. If you need a fully standalone TOTP token, it is recommended to use our programmable tokens instead.
Tools for  FIDO security keys

TOKEN2 Companion app is a tool to leverage the use of TOKEN2 FIDO2 security keys (second-generation only, T2F2-ALU, and T2F2-NFC) beyond classic U2F and standard FIDO2/WebAuthn functionality. The app enables you to set and use TOTP profiles on a computer or on an Android device (NFC or USB/OTG) as well as iOS (with NFC only). The guides are available below:

T2F2 TOTP Authenticator

Token2 T2F2 TOTP Authenticator is a lightweight version of the companion app with several improvements, the main one being the "Auto OTP" function. "Auto OTP" feature is based on using keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) to send the OTP generated for a particular account to the current input focus. So, this means that when the user needs to enter the OTP, instead of performing the seven steps described earlier, hitting a hotkey (i.e. Ctrl+Alt+Z) is enough.