Introducing the Token2 Molto-1

Our new product- Token2 Molto-1 - will expand on our technology by now supporting up to 10 Time based One-Time Password (TOTP) profiles. Earlier this year, with the miniOTP-2 we introduced the world’s first programmable TOTP tokens with time sync. The aim of miniOTP-2 was to provide a solution to the time drift that affects hardware tokens. 

Token2 Molto-1

The clue is in the name, at least for anyone who understands Italian - “molto” is “many” in Italian

We didn’t want to stop there, though! We also recognize the desire for multiple profiles which is why our latest product is a programmable multi-profile hardware token, called Token2 Molto-1. The clue is in the name, at least for anyone who understands Italian - “molto” is “many” in Italian. Having a multi-profile programmable hardware token means you can have only one device for up to 10 of your accounts. Hardware tokens are a great way to protect and secure your accounts from cyber-attacks and we recognize that most people will have multiple accounts they want to secure. For example, it’s common for users to have a Gmail account, a Microsoft account, a Facebook account, and so on. In the past users would need a separate device for each of their accounts, but not with the Molto-1. By supporting 10 TOTP profiles we are providing increased flexibility to our hardware token customers. The programmable nature of the Token2 Molto-1 is also aimed at providing maximum flexibility so that you can have a token that suits your cybersecurity needs. 

We are finalizing the development of the product and are expecting the first batch to arrive from our factory by the end of July.  Specifications are as shown below.

Token2 Molto-1 - world's first multi-profile hardware token
Token2 Molto-1 : world's first multi-profile hardware token

Dimensions 46x71x4mm
TOTP Profiles up to 10
Programmable via NFC, Windows and Android app
Time sync Yes
NFC Access Password protected - password can be changed
Time step 30 or 60 seconds
OTP Length 6 or 8 digits
Maximal seed length 160 HEX (128 base32)
Seed hash algorithm SHA-1 or SHA-256


Q. How secure is the procedure of programming/seeding the Molto-1 via NFC?

A. There is absolutely no way to retrieve the seeds anyhow from the device. However, to fully ensure security, in particular, to prevent replay attack by modifying the system time (which is a highly demanded feature to solve the time drift issues) Molto-1 can be protected by setting an NFC access password. New devices will come with a default NFC access password which can be changed immediately. To prevent brute-force attack, the devices will be reset to factory defaults after 100 unsuccessful NFC access attempts. You can also download and inspect the python source code of the NFC Burner tool.

Q. What if I have set an NFC access password and forgot it. Does it mean that I can no longer use Molto-1?

A. No, you can still use it by resetting to factory default. This reset will set NFC access password to default,  but the operation will also clear all TOTP profiles (seeds and settings).

Q. How long does the battery last? 

 A. Battery life depends on usage. Burning/programming operations via NFC consume a lot more power, so we must take that into account as well. As a rough estimation, if a token is used a few times per day (i.e. each profile is used once - so 10 button presses a day) and the NFC operations are not very frequent (i.e. not more than once a month) - the Molto-1 token will last for 4-5 years. 

Q. Will I lose access to the TOTP profiles when the battery is dead?

 A. Yes, but you will have enough time to prepare. Molto-1 will have a battery indicator on the display (). The indicator will show the status throughout the life of the token () .You should replace your token (and migrate the TOTP tokens by resetting the second factor on each respective service) when the indicator shows the battery level as "empty" () - you will still have a couple of months to do this.

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