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About a year ago, we released Token2 Molto-1, the world's first programmable multi-profile hardware token. While Molto-1 is still the only solution of its kind currently available on the market, we will be soon releasing a new variation of a multi-profile hardware token, in a different form-factor and with a different set of features available.

While Molto-1 has its advantages, there were some shortcomings that we wanted to address, for example, it can only hold up to ten TOTP profiles, which is not enough for many users. Also, using NFC to program the device does not look very convenient for some users. There were also requests to have a backlight for the screen of the token, so it can be used in the dark. With Molto-2 we tried to address this and a few other concerns. So, we hereby present our new device model, Token2 Molto-2 with the following specifications:

TOKEN2 MOLTO-2 multi-profile programmable TOTP hardware token:

▣ RFC 6238 compliant

▣ supports up to 50 accounts/profiles

▣ USB-programmable with a Windows app

▣ RTC battery life: 8 years

▣ LCD screen battery: 3-4 months (rechargeable)

▣ Designed and engineered in Switzerland

This demo video shows how a user can navigate between TOTP profiles. Molto-2 supports up to 50 TOTP accounts simultaneously. The provisioning is done via USB using USB config tool for Windows

The table below shows the comparison between Molto-1 and Molto-2

Dimensions46x71x4mm74x53x12.9 mm
TOTP Profiles1050
Programmable via NFC, iOS, Windows and Android appsvia USB, Windows app
Time syncYesYes
Time step30 or 60 seconds30 or 60 seconds
Configuration protectionPassword protected - password can be changedPassword protected - password can be changed
OTP Length6 or 8 digits6, 8 or 10 digits
OTP EntryManual onlyManual, HID-emulation1 or by scanning QR code2

1: The device can send the OTP over USB thanks to HID emulation function built-in. This will allow minimizing the user actions needed to authenticate with any 2FA-enabled system. The video below shows the process of logging in to a Gmail account using this feature (user selects Google profile on the device and presses a button instead of typing in the 6 digits. Molto-2 will also submit the form as it sends the Enter key together with OTP)

2: The devices showing the OTP as QR code have the most potential of greatly improving user experience, especially with custom apps if QR scanning in implemented.

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