Molto-2 v2, the second revision of our most popular multi-profile TOTP hardware token


A new version of our popular Molto-2 token is coming.

Molto-2 is our USB-programmable, multi-profile TOTP hardware token. Token2's unique innovation, Molto-2 is the first token of its kind that has many features intended to improve user experience. The second revision of Molto-2 (Molto-2 v2) is currently being finalized and will bring the following new features:

• Molto-2 v2 can hold up to 100 TOTP profiles (as opposed to 50 in the original Molto-2)

• An animated timer indicator of the OTP refresh interval was added

• Molto-2 v2 now supports two display modes: one TOTP profile per screen or 5 TOTP profiles per screen (see video demonstration below)

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