Token2 supplies its products to many organizations and companies of every size, worldwide, from growing private businesses to some of the largest international groups. However, due to the nature of our business and the products and services we are providing, we do not disclose names or any other details of our clients, moreover, we try our best to avoid disclosing this kind of information publicly.

On this page, we are providing the list of third-party reviews or integration guides of our hardware tokens or security keys. The full list of integration guides is available here.

ReferencesMicrosoft, OATH hardware tokens for Azure MFA 

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ReferencesWebUntis - Online timetable planning for schools

ReferencesUserLock by ISDesicions - 2FA & Access Management for Windows Active Directory

ReferencesHelloID from TOOLS4EVER, a Cloud-based Single Sign-On IDaaS Software


Third-party integration guides [in Japanese/ 日本人] [in French / en Français]
FIDO2 PIN complexity with Microsoft Entra and Token2 PIN+ Keys (by Jan Bakker)
Secure your Microsoft 365 access with hardware tokens (by Michele Blum)