New burner applications


Token2 NFC Burner applications with advanced configuration features and the possibility of burning longer seeds.

We have released a parallel application that will allow to change advanced settings of the programmable tokens, such as hash algorithm (sha-1 or sha-256), time offset (30 seconds or 60 seconds), configure automatic display time out, and more importantly, allow to set longer hash seeds (which will make the tokens compatible with services using longer seeds, such as Fortnite, Alibaba Cloud or AWS). For the Windows version, it is going to be a separate app1. Android NFC Burner app has also been updated to allow longer seeds and the additional configuration features.

TOKEN2® NFC Burner for Windows TOKEN2® NFC Burner for Android

1- We did not include the new features in the main burner app as the majority of the customers do not need these additional features and we do not want to touch a stable product

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