Exploring Virtual TOTP Tokens Experience


We periodically get requests to provide testing units. In our usual practice, free samples aren't part of the equation. However, if you're eager to test the functionality, we've got some options that fully emulate the capabilities of our hardware tokens.

TOTP, while serving as a dependable ally in two-factor authentication by generating time-sensitive passwords from a shared secret key between users and service providers, is acknowledged for its user-friendly convenience. However, it's important to note that, compared to FIDO2 keys, TOTP is considered less secure due to its vulnerability to some variants of phishing attacks. Despite this, its widespread acceptance stems from its ease of use and familiarity among users. Microsoft allows the use of classic TOTP tokens for users with Entra ID Premium licenses.

Here are some methods to emulate TOTP hardware tokens:

  1. Open-Source HTML App:
    • Access TOTP codes seamlessly in your browser by inputting your secret key. No downloads required.

  2. Python Script:
    • For those comfortable with scripting, our Python script offers a command-line solution for TOTP generation, also open-source.

  3. Windows Command Line Tool:
    • Windows users can leverage a straightforward command-line tool for quick TOTP code generation.

  4. Windows GUI TOTP Emulator:
    • Experience TOTP visually with our GUI emulator on Windows, providing a user-friendly interface.

Why Opt for Virtual TOTP?

  1. Cost-Efficient Testing: Virtual tokens eliminate the need for physical hardware, making testing both effective and economical.

  2. Platform Versatility: Our virtual TOTP options cater to users across different platforms, ensuring inclusivity.

  3. Seamless Integration: Integrate virtual TOTP tokens effortlessly into your testing environment, ensuring a smooth experience.

Important Notice: Exclusively for Testing Purposes!

In lieu of physical samples (or at least before deciding to go with physical devices), we encourage you to utilize our virtual TOTP tokens for testing purposes. These tools are designed to fully emulate the functionality of our hardware tokens. As a reminder, we strongly advise against using them in production environments.

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