Introducing the New Python-Powered TOTP tool for Token2 FIDO2 Security Keys!


Manage and use TOTP/HOTP codes via Python CLI script using a PC/SC device (USB NFC) or directly via USB. A cross-platform solution that works under Windows, macOS and Linux platforms.
Python-based tools are essential not only for their cross-platform compatibility, but also because their source-available nature allows experts/developers to examine the source code, ensuring transparency and minimizing the risk of hidden vulnerabilities or malicious elements. A GUI wrapper for the script is also available.

Once installed and configured, the solution will allow creating and reading OTP profile securely stored on your Token2 Security Keys with simple Python commands as shown on the examples below:

Creating a new TOTP profile

python3 write_entry --app-name "Test app" --account-name "Test account"  --seed JBSWY3DPEHPK3PXPJBSWY3DPEHPK3PXP

Reading OTP from a previously created profile

python3 read_entry --app-name "Test app" --account-name "Test account"

The package also includes a GUI wrapper for the CLI tool allowing to view and manage TOTP profiles, called TOTP Viewer... read more

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Did you know?

Token2 is offering currently the most secure FIDO2 keys for enterprise customers, known as the PIN+ Series FIDO2 keys. These keys, certified by the FIDO alliance, enforce PIN complexity at the firmware level. This unique feature is not available with other keys, even those marked as FIPS-certified.