UserLock v11 released, now with Token2 Security keys native support


UserLock now supports the use of Token2 Security keys as a second factor authentication.

UserLock is a user login security system for on-premises Windows Active Directory designed by ISDecisions. It works alongside Active Directory to protect access to Windows systems. With specific and customizable user login rules and real-time monitoring, UserLock reduces the risk of external attacks and internal security breaches while helping to address regulatory compliance. UserLock is one of the few solutions existing on the market that allows implementing multi-factor authentication for logging on to Windows computers with Active Directory domain membership or standalone terminal servers.

Starting from version 11, UserLock natively supports Token2 T2F2 Security keys (second-generation only: ALU/AZ, NFC and Bio) by utilizing the HOTP functionality of these keys.

Enrolling and using Token2 USB Security keys with UserLock MFA

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