EVVIS-QR1 USB Programmable TOTP hardware token


Today, we are presenting a new type of TOTP hardware tokens — USB Programmable token that displays the OTP value as a QR code and also can send the current OTP value over USB as a part of its HID emulation feature.

EVVIS-QR1 is a hardware device developed primarily for Electronic visit verification (EVV) information systems (hence the name). It is a standards-based TOTP hardware token that can also be programmed over USB. The OTP generated is shown on the display both as regular digits as well as a QR image. Both features (OTP shown as QR code and HID keyboard emulation) are intended to make it possible to minimize typos when entering the OTP.
EVVIS-QR1 device can send the OTP over USB thanks to HID emulation function built-in (Windows only). This will allow minimizing the user actions needed to authenticate with any 2FA-enabled system. You can configure the device to send the OTP digits together with 'Enter' keystroke (ASCII char 13) — this adds the convenience of minimizing user actions needed for logging on to a system (i.e. a Web login form with the second-factor field), as the pressing the Enter key on the keyboard will be emulated, and the form requesting the OTP will be submitted automatically without the need of clicking the submit button.

The devices showing the OTP as QR code have the most potential of greatly improving user experience when a special app is used. This is perfect for TOTP based electronic verification systems.

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