TOKEN2 Molto-1 , world's first multi-profile TOTP hardware token


Our new product- Token2 Molto-1 - will expand on our technology by now supporting up to 10 Time based One-Time Password (TOTP) profiles.

Molto-1 supports long seeds (up to 128 base32 chars) and can be configured with different hash types (sha1 or sha256), time offset (30 seconds or 60 seconds), number of digits (6 or 8 digits)


Dimensions 46x71x4mm
TOTP Profiles up to 10
Programmable via NFC, Windows and Android app
Time sync Yes
NFC Access Password protected - password can be changed
Timestep 30 or 60 seconds
OTP Length 6 or 8 digits
Maximal seed length 160 HEX (128 base32)
Seed hash algorithm SHA-1 or SHA-256
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