Token2 C301 - programmable keyfob token with restricted time sync


New model of programmable TOTP token in keyfob form-factor, now with restricted time sync.

Some of our programmable hardware tokens allow syncing the hardware clock using a special app. This is ideal for systems not supporting time drift or if the tokens are planned to be enrolled a few years after the purchase. The time sync feature is implemented in 2 different ways: Unrestricted , where the time can be set keeping the current seed, or Restricted , where setting the time will automatically clear the seed for security purposes (to avoid the risk of a replay attack).
The tokens with unrestricted time sync are available on our online shop since February 2019. The time sync feature of C301 is restricted. The token can be ordered starting today.

Note! Different from miniOTP-2 and OTPC-P1, with this token, setting time will automatically clear the current seed to eliminate the risk of replay attacks. Therefore this model is not recommended to be used with systems not supporting time drift, such as DUO

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