Introducing world's first programmable TOTP tokens with time sync


The average time drift for TOTP hardware tokens may be up to 2 minutes per year...

After a period of time (i.e. 1–2 years) some of the tokens may drift outside of the global synchronization window. A token that is not used very often is likely to drift even more beyond the synchronization window that an authentication server is using. In addition, organizations are afraid to keep a large stock of hardware tokens: a token that is not used at all will have its battery almost like new, but the time-drift will not allow using the token at all, which causes such investments to be completely unprotected.
To address this issue, we have developed products that allow syncing the hardware clock using a special app: miniOTP-2 and OTPC-P1. The application is planned to be published on the Google Play soon.

TOKEN2 NFC Burner 2 Android application

These products are not ready to be shipped yet, but we are expecting the stocks to arrive in February 2019. miniOTP-2 can be pre-ordered here.

New programmable hardware tokens with time sync feature
Note! The images (especially the app screenshot) in this post are not contractual; i.e. we are still researching the possibility of allowing time sync without erasing the current seed

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