How to bulk activate OATH hardware tokens with Azure MFA


Token2 has developed a solution to automate the activation of imported hardware tokens with Azure MFA.

The process of activating a hardware token for an Azure user is quite cumbersome: each and every token has to be activated manually and one-by-one.

The video below shows how a solution developed by Token2 engineers allows to bulk activate hardware tokens uploaded to Azure MFA.

Kindly note that this is just a temporary solution provided while waiting for a proper solution from Microsoft. It is worth mentioning the following:

  • The tool will work with Token2 hardware tokens only
  • The API Endpoint and syntax used by this tool is currently unsupported and undocumented and can be changed at any time by Microsoft
  • Some antivirus products may block the traffic from the tool, in such case you will need to whitelist the application

You can download the tool and the usage guide from the link below

Azure MFA OATH Tokens Bulk Activation tool

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